Carolyn Quimby


Carolyn Quimby was a white feathered farm duck but she could not fly. In fact no farm ducks can really fly. Oh they may fly a short distance, but they can't fly very far. Carolyn Quimby dreamed about flying but didn't know why. After all, Farmer Wilson fed her all the corn she could ever possibly want. She also had a comfortable and warm place to sleep at night. Carolyn Quimby was the oldest duck living on the Wilson farm, but she was not the oldest animal living on the farm. Read more

About Raymond Copp

Raymond Copp, OSFR, PhD is an Old Roman Catholic priest and member of the Servants of the Holy Cross. Prior to ordination in the Old Roman Catholic Church – Latin Rite, Fr. Copp spent a long career in law enforcement. He is a graduate of four police academies, including two state police academies and the FBI National Academy in Quantico, VA. He holds masters’ degrees in education and psychology and doctorates in clinical psychology and sacred theology.
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If you’re looking for the Wilson farm, it’s not far from here.
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